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Fresh Vegetables, Fruits & Leaves

We don't stock vegetables/fruits/leaves. We source them fresh on the day of dispatch. If a vegetable, fruit or leaf item in your order is not available on the day of dipatch, we will issue a refund for them. This doesn't happen often but it's a possibility.

Buy Fruits & Vegetables Online UK

Veena’s delivers a wide range of fresh vegetables, fruits, Keerai and leaves. We offer a variety of fresh vegetables of different Asian cuisines, viz. Indian, Sri Lankan, and Chinese. We stock fresh banana leaves for cooking and eating straight from the fams. Veena’s offers a broad spectrum of choices for fresh fruits, from the choicest apples, custard apples, kiwi and chikoo to fresh dates and berries. We deliver a collection of Indian vegetables to choose from, you can buy Indian jackfruit, brinjal, potato, onion, and many other everyday vegetables. We also deliver fresh herbs and green grass, along with fresh leaves of plants like mango and banana, that are an integral part of the Indian and Asian culture. If you want to buy banana leaves online, or want to prepare a healthy and delicious meal with fresh herbs and vegetables, Veena’s ensures doorstep delivery of all your culinary needs and requirements.

Shop Online Freshness guaranteed Indian Vegetables, Sri Lankan Vegetables, Indian Fruits, Sri Lankan Fruits, Indian Leaves, Indian Keerai, Sri Lankan Leaves at Veenas - UK's No. 1 Online Indian Supermarket. Free next day delivery available for eligible UK orders**