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Flours & Atta

Buy Flours and Atta Online in the UK

Veena’s, one of the leading Indian grocery stores in the UK, has on offer an array of different varieties of flour grains and atta. We serve basic everyday flour varieties like wheat flour, whole wheat flour, semolina, rice flour,, etc, as well as ready to make instant mixes like instant dosa mix, and idli dosa batter, among others. We also deliver different types of milk powders like the coconut milk powder, along with a wide range of different gram flours, chickpea flour, roasted gram flour, and corn flour. We source our products from amongst the best produce in the Indian subcontinent and process them in premium processing centers to ensure high quality. We are the top choice whether you want to buy dosa batter online, or stock up on your grocery essentials in the form of wheat flour and refined flour.