Veenas - the trading name of Pride Asia Food Ltd specializes in selling asian groceries and vegetables. based in Ilford, East London, we also have a supermarket in High Street, Barkingside, London, IG6 2AF. With a massive demand from our UK customers, we are now expanding the shopping experience to a whole new level. - an online shop, where you can find over 25,000 products from hundreds of brands.  We are the leading online supermarket with brick-and-mortar retail stores at Barkingside and Eastham. We stock products from various parts of the world and offer our customers a great range of native products from fresh fruits, vegetables, and leaves to rice, dals, spices, and seasonings to nuts and snacks and ready to eat meals.

Handpicked products of premium quality at the lowest prices. Stop roaming around for meat, poultry, eggs, dairy, vegetables, cereals, grains like rice, wheat, flour, pulses, confectioneries, snacks, and household items as offers everything under one roof. With specialized sections for Asian, South Indian, North Indian, Srilankan, Oriental, Afro-Caribbean, Pakistani products veenas online shop covers all range of grocery items around the globe at a reasonable cost.

Our products not just cover groceries but also household items and utensils like handmade spoons-thava, kindi, chapati roller, bronze lantern (vilakku),  incense sticks, camphor, dhoop sticks, etc.

Veenas also have a dedicated inventory for sea-foods imported from the Indian ocean. The ocean delicacies include fishes like kingfish, cuttlefish, Anchovies,  Indian Oil Sardines, Barracuda, Red Snapper, and others such as Prawns and Crabs. We follow a special packing method which keeps the frozen  products in the same condition as you buy from the shop.

With more than 20 years of ethnic food importing and retailing, Veenas is now selling its own branded products like raw rice, parboiled rice, spices, and condiments, etc. All our products are handpicked and undergo strict quality control measures to ensure the best quality of products. Our clientele are mostly people who migrated from native to UK, are regular buyers of Veenas’ products for their home to retain the back home flavour.

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