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Fresh Fruits

We don't stock vegetables/fruits/leaves. We source them fresh on the day of dispatch. If a vegetable, fruit or leaf item in your order is not available on the day of dipatch, we will issue a refund for them. This doesn't happen often but it's a possibility.

Buy Fresh Fruits Online UK

Here veena has come up with fresh fruits, natural, no colour, no synthetic additives. Eating Fruit is very important to improve health. Veena presents Fresh fruits like Papaya, Orange, Guava, Apple, and many more. It is considered one of the best remedies for proper digestion. Fruits help in boosting immunity. Good for skin and hair health, there are various skin cosmetics that contain fruit extracts.
It is very easy to add fruits to the diet add in juice, smoothie, salad. Enjoy the natural, tasty and healthy benefits of all fresh and good fruits with veena.
We are amongst the leading online grocery stores in the UK. We focus on delivering quality with an affordable price of Indian beans, lentils, and pulses to the Indian families settled here. We always try our best to add Indian’s delicious ingredients taste to your food and fresh natural fruits. Rest assured of premium quality from the leading Indian grocery store.