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Sweet Potato / Sakkaravalli Kilangu

Sweet Potato / Sakkaravalli Kilangu

The sweet potato, or Sakkaravalli kizangu, is a root vegetable that is sweet in taste and is eaten worldwide.They are a good source of fiber, potassium, vitamins, and other essential nutrients.

Benefits :

Research shows that sweet potatoes can lower your LDL "bad" cholesterol, which may lower your odds of heart problems.

  • Improving insulin sensitivity in diabetes
  • Maintaining healthy blood pressure levels
  • Reducing the risk of cancer
  • Improving digestion and regularity
  • Protecting eye health
  • Boosting immunity
  • Reducing inflammation

Recipe :

There are many uses and variations of recipes for sweet potato (sakkaravalli kizangu). Below is one such recipe you can make occasionally
As an evening snack, these can be served.

Ingredients :

  • Remove the skin from Sakkaravalli Kizhangu and chop it finely.
  • A heavy bottomed pan with some water and turmeric powder is needed to cook it
  • Cook Sakkaravalli Kizhangu until they are fully cooked, then add jaggery and mix well. Turn off the flame when they are fully cooked.
  • You can now enjoy the delicious Sakkaravalli Kizhangu sweet.
  • It is a very healthy evening snack for the children: that serves 4 people

Disclaimer: The ingredients used in the above recipes might be allergic to some. so trying them is all at your own risk.

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