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Every living thing values its mother a lot like anything in the world. Without a mother, in every life, there are no births. Mother is the incomparable creature of the god who thinks only about her child. Mothers are the angels sent by God to us to love us unconditionally. Mothers are the only persons who always protect us, who help us to know the world, who taught us to fight for life, and who train us to face our problems.

What is the date we celebrate Mother’s Day?

The mother is the only person who always thinks about her child’s future. In the UK, Mother’s Day is celebrated on the 19th of every March. Mother's Day is a celebration honoring the mother of the family or individual, as well as motherhood, maternal bonds, and the influence of mothers in society. It is celebrated on different days in many parts of the world, most commonly in the months of March or May. 

            It may surprise you to know that celebrations honoring mothers are ancient traditions, not a Hallmark invention.

The History of Mother’s Day Celebrations…

A day to honor mothers has existed for as long as, well, there have been mothers. Festivals honoring mothers in ancient times were often tied to gods and goddesses and maternal symbols of fertility, birth, creativity, and cycles of growth. The mother is the protector and nourisher of children and, by extension, of all humanity.

Who is she?

First of all, Mother is a word that fills everyone with emotions. A Mother is certainly the most important human being in everyone’s life. Mother’s Love for her child certainly cannot be compared with anything. Her level of forgiveness is unmatchable. A Mother is capable of forgiving any wrongdoing.

Mother is the most important woman in everyone’s life. A mother sacrifices her happiness for her child. No one else can care for their kids the way a Mother does.  A Mother is great and does not need anyone like me to explain that. This essay on Mother is a small attempt to discover the greatness of a mother.

Importance of the mother…

First of all, mothers are highly responsible women. They certainly play a very important role in the upbringing of a child. Most noteworthy, mothers play a huge role in determining a child’s attitude. Whether a child will be good or evil in the future depends upon the mother. The moral values taught by the mother probably play a huge role. Individuals often remember their mother’s values until old age. Hence, the mother is responsible for the well-being of society. The future of society in a large way is the result of a mother's teaching.


Mothers also are the emotional backbone of the family. They support everyone’s feelings in a family. Family members can certainly tell their emotions to Mothers without worry. An individual can share almost any secret with their Mother. This is because Mothers have a huge level of trust in their families. Furthermore, Mothers have an extremely forgiving nature. Hence, even wrongdoing can be shared with a Mother.

How to support Mothers?..

It is our duty to help and support our mothers. One important way to do that is to help with chores. Individuals must try to do more household work. This would certainly reduce the burden on mothers. Hence, this will also improve her health. Another way of supporting mothers is to speak words of affirmation.

Your mother's heart is made of gold. If your words of acknowledgment would fill her heart with happiness. There are probably several ways of doing so. One way is to price the meal cooked by her.

 above all such acknowledgment should come on a regular basis your mother is a gem in everyone's life. She is the ultimate source of happiness for a child. Her contributions are mainly too great to imagine all her loves as pure and innocent. To find a mother who does not love is probably an impossible task. Celebrate your mother not only on Mother’s Day and also on all the days of your life. They deserve it. “HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY.”


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