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Veena's Roasted Moong

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Veena's Roasted Moong

Roasted Moong Dal, is split and skinned moong beans that are roasted with salt, herbs and spices with little or no oil. It is a healthier version of the more common fried moong dal. As it is roasted, the fat content is very low and it is a healthy snack for all age groups. Moong dal is rich in protein, fiber, iron, and calcium and is easily digestible, which is why it is recommended to patients recovering from illnesses. Roasted moong dal has a light flavor from the spices that are used while roasting, and is otherwise easy to digest and a recommended snack, especially as a replacement to the conventional fried dal and snacks. It is crunchy and light, and a great accompaniment to tea and coffee.

Veena’s Roasted Moong Dal is a 400g pack of roasted split green grams without husk, a healthy and light snack loved by Indians of all age groups. Veena’s is a leading Indian grocery store in the UK, and aims to deliver Indian beans, lentils and pulses to everyone who has an affinity to Indian food. We source our products from the premium produce of India and ensure the best quality.