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Veena's Daria Dal / Roasted Gram

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Veena's Daria Dal / Roasted Gram

Roasted gram is more commonly called roasted chickpeas in India. They are eaten as a popular snack, and have many variations in the snack category. Roasted Chana Dal, or roasted gram, is used in many dishes, and can also be made into chutneys and other condiments. It is a rich source of proteins, dietary fibers and iron. Eaten mainly as a snack, or served with drinks, roasted gram reduces dietary problems, stabilizes blood sugar levels, and helps maintain cholesterol.

Veena’s Daria Dal/ Roasted Gram is a 500g pack of roasted chickpeas, picked from amongst the best farms and processors in India. We are the one of the top online grocery stores in the UK, and the leading Indian grocery store in the United Kingdom. We aim to provide grocery essentials and other related products to Indians based in the UK, and present roasted grams in the Beans, Lentils and Pulses category.