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Veena's Daria Dal / Roasted Gram

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Veena's Daria Dal / Roasted Gram

          Roasted gram is more commonly called roasted chickpeas in India. They are eaten as a popular snack, and have many variations in the snack category. Roasted Chana Dal, or roasted gram, is used in many dishes, and can also be made into chutneys and other condiments. It is a rich source of proteins, dietary fibers and iron. Eaten mainly as a snack, or served with drinks, roasted gram reduces dietary problems, stabilizes blood sugar levels, and helps maintain cholesterol.

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We take every care to ensure that the contents of this pack reaches you in perfect condition.
In case of complaint please return the nack and contente to the address below stating when and where purchased your statutory rights are not affected.
Although all necessary precautions and procedures have been taken to remove stones, stalks and pips, some may sun remain in the products
This product is packed in factory which also processes Peanuts
Nuts | Sesame Seeds | Creaks
Milk | Sulphites and Sulphur
Dioxide | Mustard | Celery | Soya
Wheat Small Children can choke
on nursemaneanis
We also recommend that this product be placed into and airtight container as soon as the packet is opened.
Suitable for Vegetarians.