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Veena's Bamboo Rice 400g

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Veena's Bamboo Rice 400g

        Bamboo rice is gluten-free and, once cooked, is wet, sticky, and chewy. It is the primary food source for native tribes all through India. It has a unique aroma and a delightful colour. Bamboo rice has no fat content, a low GI, and contains B vitamins. It is a great source of protein and amino acids. Bamboo Rice is low-fat and rich in Vitamin B. It is also a great source of carbohydrates and fiber content.                                                               Buy this healthy product in our Veenas online grocery store at an affordable price with the best offers. We give the best door delivery with safe packaging through orders from our site Veenas proudly delivers massive products to our customers with the best deals. All of our products are processed in a very clean environment.  

100% Rice.

Allergic Advice: 
Contains Rice.