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TRS Whole Green Peas 500g

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TRS Whole Green Peas 500g

Green peas are a variety of peas, and are widely consumed all over India as a vegetable. Rich in dietary fibers and proteins, green peas are eaten raw, sauteed or made into curries. They are known for their fresh, vibrant color, mild taste, and rich texture. Trs Whole Green Peas 500g is a pack of green peas, the seeds of which have been removed for comfort and convenience. Veena’s is amongst the top online grocery stores in the UK, and is the leading Indian grocery store of the UK.
We are dedicated to bringing grocery essentials and other products for Indians based in the UK, and for everyone who shares a love for the Indian cuisine. Trs Whole Green Peas 500g is an important staple for households across India, we have included them under Beans, Lentils and Pulses.