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TRS Urid Whole Gota

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TRS Urid Whole Gota

Urid is a common and valuable pulse crop in India. The whole seed is called the Black Urid or the Urid Gota or Urid Whole, while the split bean is white in color and is called the White Urid, and belongs to the lentils family. The black urid or urid gota has the highest protein and fiber content amongst all the pulses, and is the most valued among them all. It can be cooked as a dal, or used in curries and stews; and is an almost mandatory inclusion in an organic healthy diet.

Trs Urid Whole Gota in the Beans, Lentils and Pulses category of the Veena’s is an excellent choice for plant based protein. As a staple grocery item of the Indian cuisine, we ensure quality at Veena’s, the top online grocery store in the UK. Dedicated to making Indian cuisine accessible in the United Kingdom, we are the leading Indian grocery store in the UK.