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TRS Boiled Black Beans 400g

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TRS Boiled Black Beans 400g


Protein and fibers are a vital nutrient that plays a key role in maintaining the body. Whereas Beans are high in amino acids, rich in protein. These Black beans contain high levels of soluble fiber that makes them beneficial in which reduces the cholesterol and blood sugar levels in humans. Naturally beneficial for diabatic. Full of nutrients used in various cuisines from curry to rice. Mixing with salads or making soup. Regular eating of beans keeps your heart safe and the presence of antioxidants reduce the risk of cancer.
Good for children to adults, play a vital role to improve the body for fighting with various disorders. Black beans are a key source of vitamins and proteins to keep the body healthy. We veenas are the amongst leading online grocery stores in the UK that presents Indian beans, lentils, and pulses to the Indian families settled here. With high premium quality at an affordable rate and the same delicious tasty food ingredients that you expect in India.