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TRS Black Eye Beans

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TRS Black Eye Beans

Black eye beans, more commonly known as goat beans, black eyed peas or lobia, are a class of beans from the legume family common to India. They are a great source of dietary fibers, protein, potassium, magnesium, iron, calcium, and vitamins A, C and B6. A subset of the cowpea family, black eyed beans are soaked in water overnight before being boiled and then incorporated into dishes. They are most commonly used in curries, rasams, and other dishes, and are known for their nutty taste and rich flavor. Black eyed beans are a common and relatively inexpensive source of proteins, fibers and iron across India. They are white or whitish in color, and are distinguished by the distinct eye shaped black patches on them.

Veena’s presents Trs Black Eye Beans, a pack of lobia beans, carefully selected from the best farms in the Indian subcontinent. We are the leading online grocery store of the UK, and aim to bring quality ensured grocery essentials to the Indian households settled in the UK, and to people with a love for Indian beans, lentils and pulses.