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Taj Methi Thepla 300g 5Pcs

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Taj Methi Thepla 300g 5Pcs

Taj Methi na thepla are light, healthy and delicious snack. These are flatbreads made from methi leaves. Thepla is a Indian flatbread made with whole wheat flour, gram flour, millet flour and spice powders. Methi theplas are famous not only in Gujarat but also all over the country as well. healthy methi thepla is a also a very healthy diabetic snack.

            Methi, also known as fenugreek is known to have the right amount of calcium and magnesium. Therefore, by consuming thepla daily, you will be improving both bone and teeth health. Methi leaves are low in calorie, powerful antioxidant and cures mouth ulcers.

            You can eat breakfast or lunch at any time as these parathas are very soft and digestible. Methi leaves are considered very beneficial for the stomach, so fenugreek/methi parathas are also good for your gut. Fenugreek has the right amount of vitamin C, which cures common stomach problems like constipation, acidity, indigestion etc. and reduces allergies.

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