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Taj Crushed Ginger (Pack of 2) 400g

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Product Details

Taj Crushed Ginger (Pack of 2) 400g 

Taj Crushed ginger is the original ginger that is crushed and packed for easy cooking. It is in cubes for easy measuring, this crushed ginger comes frozen so you can easily store it until you need it, and each cube is equal to 1 tsp fresh ginger and it is made with no artificial flavors or preservatives.

Taj crushed Ginger is a natural component of ginger root and benefits gastrointestinal motility ― the rate at which food exits the stomach and continues along the digestive process. Eating ginger encourages efficient digestion, so food doesn't linger as long in the gut.

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100% ginger with no added Preservaties.

Allergic Advice:
This product is packed in the factory where peanuts, nuts and other Products are also packed.