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Royal Chai Elaichi Sweetened (10Cups)

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Royal Chai Elaichi Sweetened 220g

Tea is a must needed for refreshing, alone or with snacks. At any time first thing in the morning is to sip tea, which keeps the energy in the body for a completed day. A hot cup of tea is also of various health benefits.
Masala tea is the traditional tea of all time. Royal Chai has a pleasant flavor of Elaichi. Cardamom tea with pleasant cardamom flavor and sweet taste. Cardamon is the most needed element in traditional tea of all time. It also acts as a remedy for flu and cough. It acts as a pain reliever and helps to boosts mood. It is very easy to make tea, adding tea to boiling water.

Veenas presents Royal Chai Elaichi Sweetened 220G. We are amongst the leading online grocery stores in the UK. We focus on delivering quality with an affordable price of Indian beans, lentils, pulses, and fresh vegetables to the Indian families settled here. We always try our best to add Indian’s delicious ingredients taste to your food and fresh natural fruits. Rest assured of premium quality from the leading Indian grocery store.