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Natco Toor Dal Oily

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Natco Toor Dal Oily (Malawi)

Toor Dal is more commonly known as arhar dal, tur dal, or split pigeon pea, and is the most commonly consumed dal in India. Toor dal can be found in both oily and non-oily forms. To use the oily form, the dal should be thoroughly rinsed and cleaned before cooking to remove the oil. For long term use and storage, toor dal with oil is considered better, as the oil serves as a natural layer of preservation. Toor dal is used as a dal, in tadka, curries, and many other dishes. It is a great source of proteins, vitamins B1, B9, and C, potassium, calcium and iron, which makes it common to most Indian households.

Veena’s Natco Toor Dal Oily is brought to you keeping in mind the needs of the online grocery stores in the UK. We aim to make grocery essentials accessible to everyone who has an affinity to the Indian cuisine.