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Natco Methi Seeds 100g

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Buy Natco Methi Seeds 100g Online UK

Fenugreek/Methi is yellow to golden-colored seeds. Seeds can be slightly roasted and then added to the dish for an aromatic flavor. It is used commonly for flavoring Indian dishes. Mostly used in making a variety of Pickle, Curry, and also in a variety of pastes like Ginger Garlic Paste. Seeds can be ground in powder form and then used as a spice. Fenugreek also includes various health benefits.

Veena presents Natco Methi Seeds 100G. Veena has a broad range of items to fulfill your grocery wishlist. Veena's provide a variety of lentils, Indian beans, pulses to the Indian families settled in the UK. We always try our best to add Indian’s delicious ingredients taste to your food. We aim to deliver the best quality product at an affordable price.