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Jaimin Banana Chips (Masala) 200G

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Jaimin Banana Chips (Masala)

The tempting Banana Chips are made from unripe bananas and deep fried in Cooking oil. These typical Indian snacks are very crispy and have high nutritional values. Try these tasty spicy long banana chips as they are simply delightful snack.

For those who love to snack, our sweets and snacks are a perfect choice! Made with fresh oil and served fresh, our snacks are delicious and nutritious. With all-natural ingredients, our snacks are perfect for any time of day.

       Our sweets and snacks are usually prepared with fresh ghee, dry fruits, nuts, and natural flour and spices. This gives them a natural colour, aroma, and taste that you'll love. Our snacks are prepared with fresh oil and natural flour and spices, so they taste just like homemade!