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Hesh Karela & Neem 60 Caps

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Hesh Karela & Neem 60 Caps

Karela is the healthiest veggie. It helps to lower blood glucose levels. Karela is very good for diabetics people. Consuming karela over long periods significantly helps to lower sugar levels. Karela extracts are used for purifying. It helps to maintain normal blood sugar levels and support a healthy pancreas. It also encourages the optimal function of the circulatory system and supports a healthy heart. Neem is a natural herb used in various medicines. In Ayurveda neem is used to purify the blood and support the immune system. Neem is also known for maintaining glowing and beautiful skin. Here is a combination of the two herbs, that helps to purify and cleanse the body. Helps to detoxify the liver and blood.
It is directed to use 2 capsules once a day after a meal, with milk or water.

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