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Haldiram's Ajwain Paratha 360g

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Haldiram's Ajwain Paratha 360g

Ajwain paratha is a fragrant, layered flatbread variant. These flaky parathas are made with unleavened whole wheat dough and flavored with carom seeds (ajwain). They are easy to make and pairs well with many Indian sides. Ajwain ka Paratha, also known as ajwain mirchi paratha, is a simple Indian flatbread recipe made from ajwain (carom seeds), red chili powder, ghee, and salt and whole wheat flour, can be made for breakfast or lunch or pack for kids or adults lunch box. It is known to prevent acidity and help relieve bloating. Thymol may also help in combating stomach infections. The fibre from wheat flour further helps to cleanse the digestive system and prevent constipation.

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