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Fudco Moong Dall Chilka 500g

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Fudco Moong Dall Chilka 500g

Moong Dall Chilka, more commonly known as split moong dal with husk, is a staple form of pulses for many Indian households. It is made like most other pulses, and takes a little longer to cook down. A common dish is the tarka, a culinary classic across the Indian subcontinent. Moong dal is rich in proteins, and the husk gives it a high quantity of digestive fibers, which makes it highly recommended for people with digestive problems.

Veena’s Fudco Moong Dall Chika 500g is a household common for Indian households. Veena’s is the leading Indian grocery store in the UK, and amongst the top online grocery stores in the United Kingdom. An addition to the Beans, Lentils and Pulses category, Moong Dall Chilka is a rich source of plant based protein.