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Fudco Moong Beans 1.5kg

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Fudco Moong Beans 1.5kg

Mung Beans, also called green gram, maash, and moong, belongs to the legume family. It is wide eaten raw (after being soaked in water overnight) as part of sprouts along with brown grams. Mung beans are rich in proteins, digestive fibers, sodium, potassium, magnesium, iron, calcium, and vitamin B6. Naturally, they are an important part of the Indian groceries. They are eaten raw, made as curries, along with other vegetables, and used in several other dishes. Generally, mung beans have to be soaked in water overnight before being used in any food. Germinated mung beans are considered to be healthier, and have more fiber content, and recommended for digestive issues.

Veena’s presents Fudco Moong Beans 1.5 KG, sourced from the best farm and produce in the Indian subcontinent. We are the leading online grocery store in the UK, and dedicated to bringing Indian grocery essentials to Indians in the UK, and for the people who share a love for the Indian cuisine.