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Fudco Kala Chana / Whole Yellow Gram

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Fudco Kala Chana / Whole Yellow Gram

Kala Chana, or Whole Yellow Grams are common to Indian households as a major variety of chickpeas. They are rich in iron, protein, fiber, and other minerals like manganese, phosphorus, and folate. They are a cheap and widely available source of iron and protein in India, and make an integral part of the Indian diet. They are generally soaked overnight in water, and then boiled in salted water before being used in dishes and curries. Alternatively, they are eaten as sprouts, especially in the morning, and sometimes, after being left to germinate for a day or two. They are the one of the healthiest and the most inexpensive additions to diet across different social classes in India.

Veena’s brings to you Fudco Kala Chana/ Whole Yellow Gram. It is a staple addition to the Indian diet and groceries. Veena’s is one of the top online grocery stores in the UK, making Indian beans, lentils and pulses available and accessible to Indian families settled in the UK, and everyone who shares a love for the Indian cuisine. We ensure the best quality and source all our products from the top farms across the Indian subcontinent.