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Double Horse Rice Palada Payasam Mix 300g

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Double Horse Rice Palada Payasam Mix 300g

Consisting of ingredients blended in advance, a mix of food that is ready to cook or eat after the addition of milk or water is called ready mix food. Here Veena’s presents a variety of ready mixes to make your cooking so easy. Try our Payasam mix to feel it’s an original taste to make you’re dining so simple. Our Payasam mix is a mixture of finely roasted ground ingredients of it to get its original taste, colour, aroma and texture. It helps us to take our favourite food instantly with no wait. It Saves our cooking time. We can take varieties of our favourite dishes in a very short period with their own natural health benefits. Usually, all our mixed products are easily cookable. By adding little water or milk the mix will be ready to cook. Just heat it and serve the dish by making some small seasonings.

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Ingredients :
 Sugar, Rice, Cardamom, Cocoa.

Allergic Advice: 
 Contain: Cardamom. This product is packed in the factory where peanuts, Milk, nuts and other Products are also packed.