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Ayumi Turmeric Body Wash 250ml

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Ayumi Turmeric Body Wash 250ml

Body wash by Ayumi is made with natural ingredients. It cleanses thoroughly removing impurities and dead skin. It is enriched with natural herbs and antioxidant argan oil properties. Body wash includes Turmeric. It is known as a beauty ingredient. Turmeric brightens the skin. This body wash works wonders for the skin. locking in essential moisture making skin smooth. Veena's present Ayumi Turmeric Body Wash 250ml. Veena is the leading store serving the largest range of traditional products in premium quality. We are amongst the leading online grocery stores in the UK. We make sure that the grocery products provided by us are of the finest quality. Made with love and making sure products are in your affordable price range. Veena serves an extensive range of Indian beans, lentils, and other grocery ingredients at your doorstep. Veena partners with trusted and well-known brands to provide you with a variety of products in one place.