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Masala & Herbs (Jar)

Buy Masala & Herbs (Jar) Online UK

Masala and Herb's heart of Indian delicious food. They make every simple dish delicious. Masalas and Herbs add flavor to the food. For spicy food important ingredient is Chillie powder. Veena presents authentic masalas. Like Natco Chillie powder, Laziza Bombay biryani masala, Veenas Jaffna curry powder, and many more. The collection has an extensive range of masalas and herbs, made with real Indian authentic spice and herbs for every recipe. Veena is one of the leading online grocery stores in the UK. Veena partners with trusted and well-known brands to provide you variety of products in one place. We focus on servicing an extensive range of products from well-trusted brands. We have our own branded products too. Veena's prided themselves in making the best quality products, an extensive range of Indian beans, lentils, and other grocery ingredients at your doorstep. Keeping freshness, hygiene, and at the point, giving customers the best value for their money.