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Broken Basmati Rice

Buy Broken Basmati Rice Online UK

Tilda is a well-known brand for servicing the best quality of rice. Veena presents Broken Basmati rice and other types of rice. Veena is providing cost and time effective, also Hassle-free cooking solution. Basmati rice is long and aromatic rice used for cooking in almost every household. Making sure that rice is long, fluffy, and non-sticky after cooking. Create ethnic food dishes enjoying authentic Indian food controls. Over a period of time Veena has become the leading online grocery store in the UK. We have our branded products too. We strive hard to offer a superior and hygienic product to customers. Veena's provide a variety of lentils, Indian beans, pulses to the Indian families settled in the UK. Every product is made with the complete highest standards. Behind every product, our food experts keep on maintaining excellent taste.