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Stay safe & protected in Covid with Veenas hygienic door delivery service

Stay safe & protected in Covid with Veenas hygienic door delivery service

At Vennas we prioritize the most important thing, and that is your health and safety. The Covid-19 pandemic has affected all of us and pushed us into several months of lockdown and anxiety. Thus, we understand the responsibility and we make sure that all our door deliveries are safe, hygiene and contact less at any cost so that you don't have to worry about your safety. Having won the trust of several of our customers time and again, we have consistently been ranking as the leading Asian Supermarket Online in the United Kingdom. Groceries are our staple requirements and we are constantly giving out our best to make sure that your grocery shopping is safe, simple, accessible and affordable even in tough times like these!

All our staff and associates strictly follow the necessary Covid-19 protocols at each and every touch point at our warehouse and ensure maintaining high standards of quality and hygiene. We take several crucial preventive measures to take care of our staff and customers. We have raised our safety and security measures by implementing Zero-Touch deliveries. Furthermore, we also urge our consumers to opt for online payment methods like debit cards, credit cards and E-wallets to avoid total human contact.

There is a regular temperature check and screening of all our employees, workers and associates and if anyone tends to have possible symptoms of covid, then they undergo a mandatory 7 day quarantine. Every staff member is given masks and caps regularly. Every nook and corner of our warehouse undergoes effective sanitizing and disinfecting processes at regular intervals throughout the day. We frequently sterilize all our inventory equipment like crates, racks and so on to facilitate sanitized door delivery of your order. At every point in the warehouse, we place Hands-free sanitizer dispensers to further ensure firm safety and security measures. We firmly facilitate social distancing of minimum 3 feet apart even in cafeterias and break rooms apart from the warehouse. In these tough times we are striving to make your lives easier.

Whether you want to Order Vegetables Online, Buy Dry Fruits Online or searching to Buy Spices Online UK, at Veenas you will get an assorted range of groceries and vegetables at the best price guaranteed. We have a wide range of grocery items under one roof, from rice, pulses, oils, nuts, sweets, snacks to spices and household items, we’ve got all your needs covered.
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