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Spring Home Tyj Spring Roll Pastry 6" 400g (Pack of 2)

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Product Details

Spring Home Tyj Spring Roll Pastry 6" 400g (Pack of 2)

Spring Home Tyj Frozen Spring roll wrappers (or pastry wrappers) are thin sheets made from a dough of wheat flour, salt, water and oil. Spring Home Tyj Frozen Spring roll are typically used to wrap a mixture of meat and vegetables, which is known as a spring roll. Spring rolls originated in China, with many variations spanning all of Asia.

Spring Home Tyj Frozen Spring roll is a traditional Chinese savory snack where a pastry sheet is filled with vegetables, rolled & fried. Thin sheets of flour dough, made with a special recipe and unique process. The sheets in Spring Home Tyj Frozen Spring roll are used as wrappers in a wide variety of stuffings such as seafood, vegetables, and cheese. Highly crispy and tasty after frying or baking.

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Wheat Flour, Water, Coconut Oil, Salt, Sodium Caseinate(Milk), Wheat Starch, Maltodextrin, Flour Treatment Agent: Ascorbic Acid.

Allergic Advice:
Contains Wheat, Milk. For Allergens including Cereals containing gluten.