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TRS Boiled Rose Coco Beans 400g

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TRS Boiled Rose Coco Beans 400g

Rose Coco Beans, also known as cranberry beans, or romano beans, belongs to the family of common beans and is commonly consumed throughout India. It is white or whitish in color, and is identified with the distinctive red or black streaks through them. Boiled rose coco beans make it easier to cook with them. Generally, rose coco beans are soaked overnight in water and then boiled before being used in a dish. Boiled rose coco beans can directly be incorporated in a wide variety of dishes like curries, rasams, stir fries, or can even be consumed in their boiled form. Rose coco beans are rich in proteins, potassium, dietary fibers, iron, magnesium, calcium, and vitamin B12. The regular use of rose coco beans lowers blood sugar levels, and controls cholesterol.

Veena’s brings for you Trs Boiled Rose Coco Beans 400g, a pack of ready to use cranberry beans. Veena’s is the leading online grocery store in the UK, committed to bringing Indian beans, lentils and pulses to Indians settled in the UK. We assure premium quality and source all our products from the finest produce in the Indian subcontinent.