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Top op Toor Dal (Oily) 500GM

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Toor Dall, also called pigeon pea, is a widely consumed dal (pulses) in India, and is a major source of everyday protein. Veena’s presents Top op organic toor dal (oily) 500G, a high quality selection of toor dall for your daily consumption. Pigeon Pea is one of the more common items in Beans, Lentils and Pulses, and is an excellent source of proteins, sodium and potassium, and is considered beneficial for the digestive system.

Veena’s, the leading online grocery store, and an Indian grocery store in the UK, provides groceries and other related items for the Indian based UK consumers, and for all other UK consumers who share a love for the Indian cuisine. Our Top op organic toor dal (oily) 500G is an essential component of many Indian households, and is the oil free and healthy protein option for vegetarians.