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KMA Khakhra Methi 200G

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KMA Khakhra Methi 200G

Khakhra Methi is a Gujarathi flat bread made up of whole wheat flour. It is made up of Fenugreek and wheat flour which make you mouth watering in taste. It is one of the popular snack among Gujaratis usually served in the Breakfast times. Methi Khakhra. Wheat flour, Refined Palmolein oil, Iodised salt, Fenugreek leaves, Turmeric poeder. Masala Sachet Coriander & Cumin powder, Dried mango powder, iodised salt, Black pepper and asafoetida. Contains Wheat. Khakhra(indian cracker bread) made with fenugreek and wheat which gives you a mouth-watering taste. with great quality and hygeine.

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