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Heera Toor dal Plain 1kg

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Heera Toor dal 1kg

Toor Dall is commonly known as Arhar dal, or the split Pigeon Peas. It is one of the most commonly consumed pulses in India, and is known for its thick consistency, rich taste, and low cook time. Mostly, toor dal is soaked in water for about an hour before being used in cooking. The lentil curry made by pressure cooking or boiling the toor dal, and then adding tempering, is a staple throughout India. Toor dal is also used in making curries, rasams, stews, and many other dishes. It is a rich source of plant based protein, along with being abundant in magnesium, vitamin B6 and B9, vitamin C, and calcium. It is mandatorily served to children, or adolescents in the growing age group, and is believed to help increase height.

Veena’s brings for you Heera Toor Dal 1 KG, a pack of split pigeon peas without husk, sourced from the amongst the best farms and producers across the Indian subcontinent. We are the leading Indian grocery store of the UK, dedicated to delivering Indian beans, lentils and pulses to the families settled here, and everyone who has a love for the Indian cuisine.