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Heera Chana Dal 2kg

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Heera Chana Dal 2kg

Chana Dal, also known as split chickpeas or split garbanzo beans, are one of the primary varieties of legumes in India. They are a rich source of proteins, fats, fiber, calcium and iron. They are used in different types of lentil curries (dal tadka being the most common), curries, rasams, and dishes. Generally, they are soaked in water for a few hours before being cooked as lentils or with other vegetables, and are also made into chutneys. Chana dal is a primary source of protein for most Indian households, and is known for its anti inflammatory and antioxidant qualities. It is considered to be good for bones and muscles, regulate blood pressure, beneficial for the heart, and its long term use can also significantly reduce the risk of osteoporosis. It is amongst the staple foods given to children in the growing age group, and is believed to aid in the growth of height.

Veena’s brings for you Heera Chana Dal 2KG, a pack of high quality split chickpeas without husk, a staple for most Indian households. We aim to bring Indian beans, lentils and pulses to the families settled in the UK. Be assured of premium quality from one of UK’s leading online grocery stores.