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Fudco Shahi Jeera Seeds 200G

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Fudco Shahi Jeera Seeds 200G

Shahi jeera is Black jeera or Black Cumin. Cumin is the fruit of the leafy plant, used as widely used as a spice. This is whole cumin seeds. It has a strong aromatic rich flavor and is added to most of the Indian dishes. Also contains various health benefits, low in cholesterol, and healthy for the heart. Sprinkle over salad, it helps in aid weight loss. Mostly added in biscuits and cakes. Helps to boost memory and the immune system. Jeera also contains a good amount of antioxidants. It has a crunchy nutty texture, add whole, in curries, rice, vegetables. Also can be stored easily and has a long shelf life.

Veena’s Presents Fudco Shahi Jeera Seeds 200G. We are amongst the leading online grocery stores in the UK. We focus on delivering quality with an affordable price of Indian beans, lentils, and pulses to the Indian families settled here. We always try our best to add Indian’s delicious ingredients taste to your food. Rest assured of premium quality from the leading Indian grocery store.