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Fudco Moong Dall Chilka 1.5kg

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Fudco Moong Dall Chilka 1.5kg

Mung Dal Chilka is split moong beans or green grams that have not been peeled. The addition of peel to the mung dal, gives it a higher fiber content which is good for digestion, and is used for giving a thicker consistency to stews and curries. Mung Dal Chilka is used for making lentil curries, stews, and in many other dishes. It is recommended to people recovering from illness, especially upset stomach or diarrhea. Moong Dal is generally soaked in water before being cooked to help soften the dal easier, it also takes a lesser cooking time than the more commonly used pulses.

Veena’s brings you Fudco Moong Dall Chilka 1.5KG, a pack of spit green grams with husk. We are one of the leading Indian grocery stores of the UK, and aim to make Indian beans, lentils and pulses accessible to the Indians settled here, along with everyone who has an affinity to the Indian cuisine. We source our products from the best farms throughout the Indian subcontinent.